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 Varanasi Metro, Building Information Modeling

MRTs first proposed for Varanasi the metropolitan city is the one of the best profitable step in order to reducing the load of traffic in Varanasi is the major key. In such case the design of MRTS systems also is the big thing to do so as it also hold the dignity of Banaras as well knowns by all the Indian Citizen. As earlier chapters of this report you have already aware with the city and it international importance. At this point view I use to fuse the religious faiths with the Architectural dynamics.


The residence executed in 4D capable BIM environment ie. Revit 2020, each element component of building describe about the associated property, while the bim operation took place the aim was to achieve maximum contemporary aesthetics in all the category of structure going to built on ground, as it Standard, Entry level, and Premium class.

ABE and RAMA comes together on common goal to deliver the building to the client with ensuring the degree of economy and reducing the overturning of capitals

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