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ABE Associate & Services

ABE - The Advanced Building Engineering is the perfect resource for Pro Architects, Engineers, Builders, and Individuals looking for the latest architectural and engineering solutions. With so many studio partners and associates from the Architects for the Architects and engineers, ABE is your go-to source for quality building services.

Ar. Ajay Chauhan

ABE Studios For Architects and Engineers has been providing services for Building Information Modeling (BIM) and advanced visuals and models for a number of years. We are proud to be the sister company of RAMA Group, who are experts in the field of engineering and architecture. Our team of professionals is dedicated to producing excellent results, and our commitment to the highest standards of quality is what makes us the best choice for any BIM service. We are proud to be a leader in the industry and are committed to providing the best service to our clients.

Mr Dharmendra Singh Ansal API.jpg

Ar. Suyash Singh

At ABE India Studio for Analysis and Design, we are dedicated to providing our project associates with the best data, documentation and visualization solutions. Our team of highly-skilled professionals is committed to delivering quality services and ensuring that our customers get the most out of their projects. 

What sets us apart is our commitment to not only providing the best services but also to ensure that our clients are able to utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) services in their studio. This technology has revolutionized the way architects design, plan, construct and maintain their projects. With our expertise in this technology, we can help architects save time and money while ensuring that their projects are completed successfully.

brick architecture Amit Sonkar ji.jpg

Er. Amit Sonkar

Civil Engineer. Director Lakshmi Narayan Group

Govt. Impaneled Engineer in UPPRV

The Lakshmi Narayan Group is the group of professional engineers and technician available in Varanasi providing people Architecture & Engineering solution & support. The company consider that it splited from RAMA group in 2020-21, This is also the sister company of Rama Group. Engineer Amit continuously running ABE India with Laksmi Narayan Group, providing high quality visual presentation to the client, both in interior and exterior. 

Er. Moziz Imam


Making our assistance providing their best approach towards the innovative and creative concept making, than realizing in BIM, from last 4 year United Infrawork and ABE STUDIOS working together, a common goal that is Best, Innovative, Creative and Sustainable designs

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Er. Prakhar Alturish

Sr. BIM Manager | Consulting Engineer BIM Division

With ABE Studios, my problem of a moving studio solved, as i travel place to place, took more meets and conferences. In such situation ABE 4D BIM Studio handled our projects directly and some in joint ventures. We mainly doing out sourcing BIM and Cloud based project from USA, UK, France, Italy, Scotland, Portugal, etc.

Corporate Partners

Proudly assisting corporate partners in Global BIM service along Advanced Visualizations and Real BiM captures. Estimation and Project costings based digital intelligence system make work effectives 

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